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On an asteroid-bound service station in an unfrequented space lane, Wilbur carves out a paltry living as a mechanic, repairing as many ships as he can to afford the ever-rising R.E.N.T payments to his corporate overlord, Uncle Chop. Where most of his customers find meaning in pastimes like worshipping deranged space gods, feeding random crap to a sentient black hole, endlessly digging for The Treasure™ or mentally enslaving donut shop workers, Wilbur lives a more humble life, fixing the galaxy’s ills one broken ship module at a time.

UCRS is the second marvellous creation from Beard Envy and Kasedo Games, and I'm over the moon to be working with them once again on their soundtrack. This time around I'm working in collaboration with Michael Samuel-Bryan, and it's shaping up to be one seriously wacky ride!

Filament Key Art.png

The truth is out there. Somewhere....

Board The Alabaster, one of The Filament Corporation’s flagship research vessels, and try to wrestle control back from a mysterious complication which left the ship locked down and the crew missing. With only the help of Juniper, the ships stricken pilot, face fiendishly difficult puzzles that will push you to the limit in a bid to uncover what happened to the crew and why they disappeared.

Filament is the first large scale project that I took on, and in some ways has very much defined and influenced the music that I write today. Writing the score for this game was a fantastic journey, and a project that I am still extremely proud of. So, if you like chilled out orchestral vibes, menacingly difficult puzzles and some very pretty visuals, look no further!


Tresor Paris Diamonds Commercial
- Composition -

Ralph Breaks The Internet Disney Promo
- Sound Design -

BOLT X Commercial
- Composition -

Retrocorn Commercial
- Composition & Sound Design -

Tresor Paris Commercial
- Composition -

Butlers with Bums Commercial
- Composition & Sound Design -


- Composition -

Far Fetched
- Composition -


A Better Life
- Composition -

SAS Who Dares Raises
- Composition -

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